How It Works

Esteem Dental Implants doctor consulting with his patient

Step 1

During your consultation, your doctor meets with you one-on-one to examine your teeth, explain the procedure and answer your questions. If your doctor decides Esteem Dental Implants is a good fit for you, we will schedule your procedure and begin developing a customized bridge based on a 3D model of your teeth.

The Esteem Difference

Esteem has the power to change your life in a little as one day — with an empowering new smile.

Esteem Dental Implants doctor evaluating his patient

Step 2

Your doctor creates room for your new teeth and places provisional teeth in your mouth, which you will have until your permanent Esteem implant bridge is ready. Esteem Dental Implants is designed to replace all of your teeth — top and bottom — to transform your smile. Even with your provisional teeth, you will start to experience more self-confidence.


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Woman smiling about her Esteem Dental Implants

Step 3

Three to six months later, your doctor permanently affixes the Esteem implant bridge in your mouth, ensuring a proper, comfortable fit. The Esteem implant bridge is incredibly durable and stain-resistant. You can bite, chew and talk without any shifting, slipping or pain.

When you and your doctor are satisfied that your new teeth fit properly, you can go home and start smiling that same day. Just brush your new teeth as you normally would, and we’ll check up with you as appropriate.