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What To Consider When Choosing a Dentist?

Dental implants are one of the best solutions in the market for missing teeth and how long they last will depend on different factors, such as your oral hygiene, the quality of the implants, and much more. However, a key role during the procedure is the one carried out by your dentist. That is why it is so important to know what to consider when choosing a doctor.

What To Consider When Choosing a Dentist?

Experience & Education

The first time you visit a new dentist you shouldn’t be afraid of asking all the doubts you might have about his or her experience with dental implants. Experience is helpful when placing last longing implants. Some questions you might ask your dentist are what studies, training, or certifications on dental implantology she or he has, how many implants has he or she placed during the last year, and about their success rate. You can also find out more about it on their website or by calling the office.

A lot of professionals aren’t certificated and others just do simple implantations, while referring to more prepared partners, more complicated cases. A better-prepared doctor will increase the chances of your implants lasting longer and reduce the possibilities of complications.

Ask Questions

There are important facts you should be aware of before starting a treatment with your dentist. The best way to know them is by asking the doctor about the process and if it is carried out all by him or herself, if there is a team, or if there are some cases that are referred to colleagues. You could also ask for previous patients’ testimonials to see how they felt about the process. You should feel comfortable with your dentist and know your needs can be covered and treated.

Does your dentist have Technological equipment?

During the last years, and with dental implants use rising faster than ever, technology has taken a crucial role in dental implantology. New tools have been developed to improve the procedure and make it more effective. CT scanners allow dentists to have a better perspective of your jaw structure, where nerves and blood vessels are located and can plan the surgery with specific software. This reduces the number of sessions and gives better results. 

When talking about advances, we can also mention how materials have been developed to enhance and fasten the healing process, for example. Different parts of the process require specific materials, such as the biocompatible metallic post or bone graft, for bone grafting. The quality of these materials has a great influence on the overall result.

Type of implants

Dental implants are placed in your mouth and high quality is not but essential. You must know which materials the professional you are planning to be treated by uses, the brands he works with and where is your crown manufactured. When talking about your body and health it is better not to scrimp.


How the dentist works is an important fact to consider. At the beginning an exhaustive evaluation process is more than needed, where the doctor learns about your medical history, and if there is anything that could negatively affect the procedure. You should also ask the professional if, in case it is necessary, he or she can do a bone grafting or it would be done by a colleague. You could also learn more about the way they work in their dental office, the different treatment options they offer, and if they make a plan according to your situation and budget.

Another aspect to take into consideration is post-surgery care and support. The days and hours of attention, what should you do in case of an emergency, if there is any guarantee, or how should you react in case of an implant failure. Knowing you will be cared for during and after the process might help you choose your implant dentist.

Choose wisely

Clearly, choosing the dentist who will place your new dental implants is not an easy task. However, taking your time to decide and analyze different options is fine. The best is for you to find someone who makes you feel comfortable, someone you can trust, and who has shown you have the experience and tools to make the best of the procedure. To start your research, schedule a consultation with an Esteem professional near you.