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What are the best tips for a successful dental implant recovery?

For countless patients suffering from dental pain and the ill effects of failing teeth, full-arch dental implants provide enormous relief and convenience. Patients across the country praise dental implants for their stability, longevity, comfort and aesthetic appeal. When the job is done correctly, dental implants are virtually indistinguishable from teeth.

All that said, you’ll need to take good care of your new fixtures once your dental implant surgery is complete. For patients curious about the procedure, or those who want to make the most of their recovery, we’ve got you covered!

How long do dental implants take to heal?

The most common question asked by patients who receive dental implants typically concerns the length of time required for the healing process to take place. They want to know how long it will be until they can eat normal foods and go back to living their best life, questions that are completely understandable.

It’s difficult to pinpoint a timeframe because several factors play into your recovery. For example, the healing process could fluctuate depending on the number of teeth removed, their location in your mouth, whether or not bone grafting was necessary during the procedure, as well as some other considerations.

The patient’s overall health also plays into the length of time required for healing. Perhaps the most critical aspect of the healing process is the personal care habits practiced after the surgery. Depending on those factors, recovery after a dental surgery could take anywhere from six weeks to six months.

7 tips for optimal dental implant care and maintenance

The most essential healing step to take after your dental implant procedure is to listen to the advice provided by your Esteem Dental professional. They will craft a customized treatment plan designed to speed up recovery and minimize your discomfort.

In addition to following your dental professional’s advice, here are some general tips to keep in mind in the days and weeks following the surgery:

  • Avoid touching: The area surrounding your new implants will be tender, but you shouldn’t touch it. This can lead to swelling, infection and other complications.
  • Rest: As with any surgery, you should make sure to stay in bed and on the couch. Too much activity in the first two to three days can lead to severe issues.
  • Control bleeding: Bleeding is a problem for most patients following a dental procedure. However, it is easily controlled by gently biting down on gauze. Just be sure to replace the gauze regularly. Biting down on a moistened tea bag also helps.
  • Ice is your friend: If you experience discomfort following your surgery, an ice pack or cold compress can diminish swelling and ease pain.
  • Maintain oral hygiene: Regardless of which Esteem Dental location you choose for your procedure, you will be provided with a specific list of oral hygiene instructions. Make sure to follow them!
  • Eat smart: For the first few weeks, you will be advised to avoid harmful or painful food and drink like coffee, alcohol and similar substances. You will also be asked to stick to a diet of soft foods for a short duration.
  • Commit to long-term care: Once the initial recovery period has passed, you should continue to care for your dental implants in the same way you would your teeth, with twice-daily brushing and regular flossing.

Those are the basics when it comes to making sure your dental implants work as planned. Your Esteem Dental professional is ready to help cover the rest with an array of services designed to help you transition to a happier, healthier oral life.

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