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Do dental implants feel like real teeth?

People who suffer from missing teeth or a compromised bite understand how these issues can negatively impact one’s life. Some people have speech issues; others can’t enjoy the foods they love. Such complications can lead to a lack of self-confidence, a hesitance to go out in public and even depression.

For decades, patients enduring the hardships of dental bone loss, missing teeth or uncomfortable dentures have had no real solutions. Today, though, that’s no longer the case. Thanks to incredible strides in dental technology, full-arch dental implants can restore your smile and your oral health to tip-top shape. 

Where dentures sit on top of your gums after all of your teeth are gone, dental implants are embedded permanently in your jawbone —providing an unparalleled sense of security. As often as medical experts and satisfied customers proclaim the virtues of dental implants, there are still those on the fence with pertinent questions. Perhaps one of the most common is: Will full-arch dental implants feel like real teeth? 

That’s a natural concern. After all, no one wants to have their natural teeth replaced with something that feels fake or synthetic. Fortunately, there is nothing to worry about. Your full-arch dental implants will look, feel and act like your real teeth.

Why dental implants feel like real teeth

When your oral health expert first assesses you to determine if full-arch dental implants are right for you, he or she will explain a bit more about the process, which involves inserting biocompatible anchors (the implants) in your jaw and then securely attaching an implant supported bridge to those anchors. 

By comparison, dentures require regular removal and cleaning. And when you’re wearing dentures, they feel like a plastic mold sitting in your mouth. Dental implants, however, are permanently attached to your mouth and are designed to mimic the feel and function of your natural teeth.

Why dental implants look like real teeth

After your first appointment with your Esteem dentist, you’ll be scheduled to have your smile designed. Once all of the planning is done, you’ll have the dental anchors (implants) installed. At that time, you’ll be fitted with a healing, or temporary, bridge. 

As your mouth heals over the next three months, your permanent implant-supported bridge will be carefully crafted by a skilled professional. The goal will be to mimic not just your natural teeth, but your ideal set of natural teeth. When they’re finally fitted to your mouth, your new smile won’t just look like your normal teeth, they will end up looking a lot nicer.

Achieving the right look for your dental implants is something you should entrust to a skilled professional. After all, crafting the perfect shape and size of your new dental implant bridge is as much art as it is experience. When you opt for expert care from a team like Esteem Dental Implants, you can rest assured that your new permanent teeth will end up looking great.

How dental implants function like real teeth

Too often, people overlook the critical importance of their bite. A strong, even bite is the first step to proper digestion and nutrient absorption. When your bite is compromised because of missing teeth or ill-fitting dentures, you’re unable to get a proper array of vitamins and minerals. That’s where dental implants come in. 

After they’re installed, the biocompatible anchor will eventually fuse with your jaw, creating a bite strength equal to your original teeth. Because your dental implants are titanium, they are technically stronger and able to withstand more pressure than natural teeth. In other words, your new dental implants may end up stronger than the original. 

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You don’t have to suffer a moment longer. One call to Esteem Dental Implants can get the ball rolling on a procedure that just might change your life. Our dental implants have enormous success across the board. Whether you’re searching for one replacement tooth or complete full-arch dental implants, our team can help. 

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